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My approach to Palindrome

I want to approach popular algorithms and explain my approach to solving them. In saying that let's get started with the ever so popular Palindrome.

What we Know

  1. The parameter is a string.
  2. It will contain at least one character as it will be non-empty.
  3. We must return either true or false. True if the string is a palindrome and false if it is not.

My Approach

State management is a key aspect of any application. An application’s state is the values in your application at any point in time. A common example of state in an application is when there is a simple form, the initial value within each form input box will be an empty string, once the user types in the input into a box, the state changes, and the values within state change.

Anytime a user interacts with an application many values have the possibility of changing and can have an effect on the state. In a small application, such as a simple…

Position basics in CSS

What are positions in CSS?

Positions in CSS are when you place elements on a web page, it is important to specify how they are displayed in relation to each other or their parent element. Positions help you to set this. There are 5 main positions in CSS, but for this post, I will be looking at these 4 very important ones Static, Relative, Absolute, and Fixed.


Every element has a position:staticproperty by default. An element with position static is an unpositioned element due to the fact that it flows in the normal rendering sequence of the web page. …

While continuing working on algorithms the very basic of loops remain a very important concept in JavaScript. Loops to keep it simple are a set of instructions used to repeat the same block of code until a specific condition returns either truthy or falsely. Javascript supports a few different kinds of loops such as the for loop, for/in the loop, while loop, and do/while loop. I will be going over “for” and “while” loops in very basic terms.

The “For “ Loop

The “for ” loop is one of the most commonly used loops. …

Testing in Programming

What is Testing?

Testing in programming is a basic yet very important step in the overall process of developing any project. Testing is the process of evaluating your code or its component(s) with the intent to find whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not. In simple words, testing is executing a system in order to identify any gaps, bugs, errors, or missing requirements contrary to the actual requirements.

Keys to Testing

  • All the tests should meet the customer requirements
  • Software testing should be performed by a third party
  • Exhaustive testing is not possible. As we need the optimal amount of testing based…

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side and networking applications. Node.js applications are written in JavaScript and can be run within the Node.js runtime on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Node.js is simple to implement and use if you already know JavaScript since Node.js is built in JavaScript. Node.js allows JavaScript developers to write both the client-side and server-side code without having to learn a completely different language.

Why Node.js?

Before Node.js was created, JavaScript was developed to run in the browser. With the creation of Node.js, JavaScript could now be run outside of the browser on a…

RegEx for Beginners in JavaScript

What is a regular expression?

RegEx is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern in a form or text. It is used in popular languages like Javascript, Go, Python, Java, C# which supports regex fully. In JavaScript, regular expressions are objects to find patterns of char combinations in strings. Some typical use cases of regular expressions are validating a string with the pattern, searching within a string, replace substrings in a string, extract some meta-information from a string.

Popular Regex and String Methods


The test() method executes a search for a match between a regular expression and a specified string. …

Intro to Graphs in Javascript

What Is a Graph?

A graph is a collection of nodes with edges, arcs, or lines between them. Graphs are used to represents relationships and hierarchies and are composed of nodes and edges.For example if node A is connected to node B with an edge or line, we say node A is adjacent to node B. A node represents the objects in the graph. If Twitter is the graph, users and tweets are the objects. An edge or line represents the connections between the objects, nodes are connected by edges. A graph consists of a finite set of nodes…

Intro to Trees

Trees are relation-based data structure, which specializes in representing a hierarchical structure. Like a linked list, nodes contain both elements of data and pointers marking their relation to immediate nodes. A node can have zero or more children in a tree. Trees are non-linear data structures. This means that, unlike some other data structures like Arrays or Stacks, trees have no set start or end.

Tree Structure

The first node that is put into a Tree is called the root (hence why it’s called a tree, This node can have child nodes that can only be accessed by first…

What is a Linked List?

A Linked List is a collection of objects that have been added in a particular order and we want to maintain that order. The objects that we want to maintain the order of is an ordered collection of nodes. Each node contains the data stored and a link to the next node. The data can be any valid data type. Each node points or links to the next and previous node. A Linked List uses links to create this collection of ordered objects. It does this by creating a kind of “chain link” of nodes. The list holds a link…

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