“Gitty” Up , Programmer!

Steps on how to create your first GitHub Repository, YeeHaw!

As a relatively new Software Engineer Student, i very much so remember during my bootcamp research , looking at all the different programming languages i could potentially learn.

While at my coding bootcamp there has been two constants the main one learning how to write code in the Ruby programming language and GITHUB!. While doing my research on bootcamps , I was naive to what GitHub was and why it was so important to developers.

Github is a code sharing and publishing service, basically social media for programmers. Projects big and small live on GitHub. Imagine living in a world where you didn't know how to post a picture of your cat or dog on Instagram or tweet that funny Meme on Twitter , that would be pretty lame, now since you are a programmer or at-least soon to be one, knowing how to create a new Github repository is a must, and I am here to help you out!

So i am going to go out on a limb and make the assumption that since you are a soon to be programmer that you have a GitHub account, if not go make one now! github.com

Now lets get your project out into the world for everyone to see!

While signed into your Github account ,In the upper-right corner of any page, click the +,then click New repository in the drop-down.

If you are new to GitHub you probably have only one account, if not in the Owner drop-down, select the account you wish to create the repository on.

Third, its time name your brand new repository, along with an optional brief description of what your new repository is about.

Now its time to make your repository either public or private. Public repositories are visible to the public for everyone to see, and is a great way to share code with fellow programmers ,while private repositories are only accessible to you, and people you share them with.

Now You should be able to create your Brand new Repository, by clicking the Green Button that reads “Create Repository” , how convenient!

Now that your GitHub Repository is created its time to add that spanking new project file for the world to see!

First navigate to the main page of your new repository.Under your repository name, click Upload files.

Drag and drop the file or folder you’d like to upload to your repository onto the file tree.

And thats all it takes! A brand new project for the world to see!

Happy Coding!



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