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Daniel C Reyes
2 min readMay 2, 2021


Testing in Programming

What is Testing?

Testing in programming is a basic yet very important step in the overall process of developing any project. Testing is the process of evaluating your code or its component(s) with the intent to find whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not. In simple words, testing is executing a system in order to identify any gaps, bugs, errors, or missing requirements contrary to the actual requirements.

Keys to Testing

  • All the tests should meet the customer requirements
  • Software testing should be performed by a third party
  • Exhaustive testing is not possible. As we need the optimal amount of testing based on the risk assessment of the application.
  • All the test to be conducted should be planned before implementing it
  • Start testing with small parts and extend it to large parts.

Types of Testing

- Unit Testing

Unit Testing focuses on the smallest unit of code. In this, we test an individual unit or group of interrelated units. It is often done by the programmer by using sample input and observing its corresponding outputs.

-Integration Testing

Integration testing's main objective is to take a unit-tested component and build a program structure that has been dictated by design. Integration testing is testing in which a group of components is combined to produce output.

- Regression Testing

Every time a new component of code is added it leads to changes in the overall program. Regression Testing makes sure that the whole program works properly even after adding components to the complete program.

- Beta Testing

The beta test is conducted by one or more test customers by the end-user of the software. This version is released for a limited number of users for testing in a real-time environment.

- Alpha Testing

This is a type of validation testing. It is a type of acceptance testing which is done before the product is released to customers. It is typically done by the quality assurance team.

- Performance Testing

It is designed to test the run-time performance of software within the context of an integrated system. It is used to test the speed and effectiveness of the program. It is also called load testing. In it we check, what is the performance of the system in the given load.

- Stress Testing

When stress testing we give unfavorable conditions to the program and check how it performs in less than ideal conditions.

- Object-Oriented Testing

This testing is a combination of various testing techniques that help to verify and validate object-oriented software. This testing is done in the following manner, testing of Requirements, design, and analysis of testing, testing of code, integration testing, system testing, user testing. We use Object Orientated Testing, for discussing test plans and for executing the projects.