What is Node.Js?

What is Node.js?

Why Node.js?

  • better efficiency and overall developer productivity
  • code sharing and reuse
  • speed and performance
  • easy knowledge sharing within a team
  • a huge number of free tools

Main Features of Node.js

  • Asynchronous and Event-Driven: Node doesn’t wait for results and doesn’t block other calls. Whenever it receives a request, it will immediately handle the request, after it finishes executing it will run a callback to notify the results of the execution. It’s running on a single thread with the event loop.
  • High Scalability: the events mechanism makes Node.js can be easily scalable.
  • It’s very fast: the non-blocking IO system makes Node.js blazing fast.
  • Community: the Node’s community is very active and always eager to help. With their support, the quality of the packages consistently improves.
  • NPM: is a tool that handles installing and updating reusable modules from the online collection. It manages the version and dependencies of the reusable modules that we are using for building our app.



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